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Career Talks #1 - Stephanie Guilhen (IBM)

This was our first live of the Career Talks event series; focusing on demystifying the tech industry for our students.

Career Talks #1 - Stephanie Guilhen (IBM)

Career Talks is an event series held by the Google DSC Uninter with the objective of demystify the tech market for our students and the newcomers. We know technology is a quite complex area, and when we start diving into this ocean, it sometimes seems to be impossible to understand it, those roles and positions feel unreachable for most of us.

What we want with this series is to bring a wide range of professionals to speak about their careers: their daily activities, usual tasks, what they studied to get there and a summary of their career development.

What does a DevOps Engineer do? What is exactly a QA Engineer? MLOps? What do I need to know to become a Cloud Specialist? These, and much more, questions are to be answered during our events.

For the first Career Talks, we received Stephanie Guilhen, Talent Acquisition from IBM. Stephanie spoke with us about the recruiting process, how to build a great resume, how to nail on your interview, and much more! You will find below the video of our chat with this amazing woman and great professional, I hope you enjoy as much as we did.

IBM was so happy with our organization and how we managed the whole process, that by their own initiative, they suggested a exclusive recruiting processes for Uninter's students, having positions for internships and Jrs.

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